This Podcast Guest Agreement (the “Agreement”) is entered into by the Creative Baggage Podcast (“Creative Baggage”) and the Submitter of this form (the “Guest” OR collectively, the “Guests”).


Whereas, Creative Baggage will interview the Guest(s) on [Date of Interview] (the “Interview”). Guest(s) agrees to follow the Interview Guidelines provided by Creative Baggage. 


Whereas, Guest(s) agree that Creative Baggage shall have the right to publish and/or distribute all or a portion of the Interview as part of the Creative Baggage Podcast or the promotion thereof, including but not limited to, on social media and the Creative Baggage YouTube channel. 


Now, therefore, Creative Baggage and Guest(s) (collectively, the “Parties”) agree as follows:

  1. Intellectual Property. Guest(s) hereby grants Creative Baggage the right and permission to record, use, publish, stream live, to offer for sale, or otherwise distribute any audio and/or video interview or session with Guest(s), in all countries and in perpetuity. Such right and permission includes, but is not limited to, the name of the Guest(s), recorded audio or video, placement of advertisements and sponsored content on published audio and/or video interview, photograph or likeness, biographical information, or any marketing material based upon or derived therefrom. This grant of permission does not include the release of any of Guest(s)’ Confidential Information. For purposes of this paragraph, “Confidential Information” is defined as home address, email address, telephone numbers or date of birth of Guest(s).

  2. Editing. Guest(s) understands that Creative Baggage may, at its sole discretion, produce presentations or publications based in whole or in part upon Guest(s)’ audio and/or video interview (or any portions thereof) and/or video, audio recordings and/or photographs of said interview, and that such media or transcripts may appear in print, online, or in any manner or media, including, but not limited to, promoting the podcast or streaming audio program. Creative Baggage shall have the right to edit and/or transcribe Guest(s)’ interview.

  3. Draft Review. Creative Baggage will notify Guest(s) of the release date of their episode (the “Episode”) in advance, and provide a draft version of the Episode (the “Draft”), at which time Guest(s) may listen and request changes to the Episode. Reasonable requests for change will be honored only if the Guest(s) notifies Creative Baggage within two (2) days of receiving the Draft. Guest(s) agrees that the Episode is confidential prior to release date and will not share or disclose the contents of the Episode until it has been published by Creative Baggage. The Episode cannot be distributed by any entity other than Creative Baggage without explicit consent from Creative Baggage in writing or crediting Creative Baggage as the owner of the work.

  4. Release of Claims. Guest(s) waives any and all claims for compensation arising from the use of any audio or video recordings done by Creative Baggage. Guest(s) waives any and all claims (including, without limitation, claims based upon defamation) arising out of or in connection with, any use, alteration, or use in any composite form hereunder of any audio or video recording given by guest to Creative Baggage.

  5. Unforeseen Circumstance. In the event that an interview is unfit for release due to poor content or technical difficulties, the Guest(s) will be officially notified by email. At that time, the Guest(s) may be prompted to schedule another interview. Nothing in this Agreement obligates Creative Baggage to use the rights and permissions granted by Guest(s); or publish, distribute, or otherwise use any audio or video recordings created during the Interview, or any related materials, including but not limited to marketing materials.

  6. Miscellaneous. This Agreement is the entire understanding between the Parties relating to the subject matter and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous agreements, negotiations, and understandings, oral or written. Modification to this Agreement must be made in writing and executed by both parties. This Agreement shall be binding upon Guest and Guest’s personal representatives, agents, successors, and assigns.


Guest(s) warrants and represents that Guest(s) has the right to enter into this Agreement and grant the rights granted herein to Creative Baggage. Should Guest(s) present or incorporate copyrighted materials of third parties, Guest(s) warrant that Guest(s) have obtained such permission from those parties for publication and distribution by Creative Baggage, consistent with this Agreement.


Guest(s) agrees to the terms of this Agreement and understand that any breach of terms contained herein may result in the cancellation of my episode.

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