Gloria Yehilevsky is a percussionist in San Diego, engaging worldwide in
transmedia, cross-disciplinary, and traditional settings as a soloist and
collaborative musician. A World Percussion Group artist in 2017, and laureate of
regional and international competitions: she has performed in the UK,
throughout Europe, Thailand, Hong Kong & the US. She is an active
commissioner of new music, on the Board of Directors of the Vibraphone Project,
and co-founder of the Sounding Eye collective with UK-based Chinese animator
Shiyi Li. Gloria endorses Black Swamp Percussion.

Yehilevsky BSP headshot.png


In this episode, we talk to percussionist Gloria Yehilevsky about the value of interdisciplinary art. We discuss the benefits and challenges of working with people of other disciplines, as well as what it takes to manage ourselves and our teams. We also share our personal experiences coming up with ideas for and completing interdisciplinary projects.